Sorrel has a conversation with his good friend Aster at the place they always meet. What will they talk about? Play to find out. :)

A short BL kinetic novel made in a week's time for the O2A2 Jam 2022.


1000 words
1 Background
1 Sprite
1 Music track
1 Ending (no choices)


Made by the FoxySquid Games team;

Art and proofreading by squidcolas

Writing and programming by Foxpancakes

Assets not made by us;

Music by lolurio

Thank you for playing! <3


Download 22 MB
com.foxysquidgames.bittersweetstarlight-release.apk 37 MB

Development log


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noo that was so sad... :( not to mention sorrel already had low self esteem about being a "lame mushroom fairy" 

i hope he has a happy life


Hi yes, I did not expect to be hurt this way. Sorrellllll aaaa he was such a champ, even though he wanted to confess his feelings to Aster and wanted him to stay, Sorrel knew that it was wrong and instead of potentially hurting Aster by saying those words, he focused on encouraging Aster-- AAAA Man that was such a bittersweet story and amazing art (especially the background like holy shit). The writing was also sad, especially with how much Sorrel was feeling, aaaa I hope Sorrel can be able to move on, especially since he genuinely loves Aster more than anything.

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Thank you very much for playing and leaving a comment! You pretty much described what we were aiming for with the story so we're really happy it came across the way we intended. We're glad you enjoyed it! :D


:'( Very beautiful and bittersweet indeed. Great writing (as always :D) and stunning art! 10/10

Aww! Thank you so much, Hatoge! We're glad you enjoyed it and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. <3


Aww this was really cute with just the right amount of sad, and Aster's design+color palette was really great too! I absolutely adore his hair haha. Lovely work!

Thank you very much! That's exactly what we were trying to achieve so we're glad you think so. We're happy you like Aster's design too hehe. <3


epik. i wish there was more ;-;

Aw, thank you! <3


omg i want MOAR of this story. I want a NOVEL

Oh wow, that's a big compliment. Thank you very much! We're happy you liked it so much. <3


So cute and sweet. And now I'm sad (。T ω T。)

Thank you very much! :D


Awww... so sweet! I loved this story. I know it's odd, but so much of the story and situation reminded me of my own team's o2a2 jam entry, except yours is so lovely and sweet, and ours is incredibly dark and difficult to get through. Thank you for a lovely experiences, beautifully written!

Aw, thanks for playing and leaving a comment. We're glad you enjoyed it! That's pretty cool that our entries are similar but different. We will have to check yours out. Thanks again for the kind words. <3


aw really cute and also sad, I really liked it!

Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed it. :D


Very pretty drawings and music! Much love~

Thank you so much! <3


naw because that hurt my soul :'D

Thank you for playing! :)


Awww, I want to write fix-it fanfic for this now ;_;

I'm sure he'll fall for you too Sorell! You just need to be more open and flirt with him!! He's probably even already in love with you and neither of you manage to say anything!!!

I really like Aster's design and would definitely be keen to see more stories in this setting.

Aw, if you do end up writing something I'd love to read it. 

Thank you! We're happy to hear you like his design. :D


Hi :)

Beautiful art style and music :)

A nice story of love, I feel a bit sad for sorell thought.


Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D